Tuesday, 10 February 2015  |  Admin


We have been so busy lately with lots of new things which will all become reality very soon. More news to follow over the coming weeks.

To wind down after a manic day a couple of nights ago I picked up a new plain page book and started to doodle. Some people would call it zentangling but I call it doodling.  Three different sizes of fineliner pens, a cuppa by my side and curled up on the sofa I started to draw various patterns. Well this is how is ended up

Lost a couple of hours and went totally into my own world but felt so refreshed afterwards.  I know some people might say "what is it for?" or "why?" and my answer would be "just because".

Last night I used a pencil to draw around a stencil mask and then doodled inside the image.  This one I love and might even frame it. 


So next time you are bored or have even a few minutes to spare why not pick up a pen and doodle, you never know what picture you will end up with.

We intend to blog at least every couple of days from now on with inspiration, chat and lots more so until next time...........................

Happy crafting xx