How To Make A Quick Gift Using The Filagree Heart Die

Monday, 1 August 2016  |  Admin


We get asked so many times "What can I make with a limited amount of dies so today we are showing you how to make a quick & simple, nice smelling gift using the Sweet Dixie Filagree Heart Die.

First we used the die to cut two hearts from a sheet of pearlescent white card. 

Then we used a pencil to draw around the die on another piece of card twice and cut both of them out. As the edge of the die is slightly larger than the cutting edge, you don't need another die to make the background if you haven't got one, hence this project can be made from just the one die.

Us crafters throw nothing away that can be used on other projects, so when popping the die cut shapes out of the filagree heart we sorted them into the ones for the bin and the others we put in our pot for another day.

On deciding dark purple heart backgrounds were required we heat embossed them to add some texture and put a couple of 3mm gems onto the white hearts in the middle of the two flower shapes on each one.   Don't worry if you don't have heat embossing goodies just use the colour of card required to show through the filagree heart. 

To finish it off we poked a few holes into the heart that would be at the back, stuck the two halves almost fully together with some ribbon in the top so it can be hung, dropped some pot pouri in the centre before closing so it smells nice.

We love this little project and have made a few more to put around the house as well as a couple to give a little girl to pop in her bedroom to make it look pretty.

This would be a great project to do with the children during the school holidays so I'm now off to invite a a special little someone around for a crafty afternoon later this week. Until next time..............

Happy crafting xx