Gilding Flakes

Gilding flakes and flitterglue from Two Cats Crafts by leading brand Indigoblu. 

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Antique Gold Gilding Wax 30ml Pot

Antique Gold Gilding Wax 30ml Pot£11.99   £10.99

Autumn Blaze Megaflake Indigoblu MF-AB01

Autumn Blaze Megaflake Indigoblu MF-AB01£5.99

Imitation Gold Guilding Flakes Artcoe

Imitation Gold Guilding Flakes Artcoe£4.75

Imitation Silver Gilding Flakes Artcoe

Imitation Silver Gilding Flakes Artcoe£4.75

Indigoblu Megaflake Copper Kettle MF-CK01

Indigoblu Megaflake Copper Kettle MF-CK01£5.99

Lancashire Rose Megaflake Indigoblu MF-LR01

Lancashire Rose Megaflake Indigoblu MF-LR01£5.99


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items
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