Owing to current circumstances we have taken the decision to stop despatching orders during the three week lockdown by the Government.  The Business Centre reception has closed which means no post is being sent out.  To protect ourselves we would rather not que up at a post office and hope you all understand, this decision has not been taken lightly.     Orders can still be placed but will not be despatched until the lockdown has been lifted.  We will be using this time to update stock levels and add new stock to all categories.   Stay home, stay safe and happy crafting.


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Grafton Kraft Surf Board

Grafton Kraft Surf Board£0.20

Laurel Kraft Ivy SR-832

Laurel Kraft Ivy SR-832£0.30

Grafton Scrap Strip 1 Scenic Route SR962

Grafton Scrap Strip 1 Scenic Route SR962£0.25

Candy Cane 11052

Candy Cane 11052£0.20

Grafton Maxwell Avenue Scenic Route SR954

Grafton Maxwell Avenue Scenic Route SR954£0.25

Metropolis Kraft Arrows SR812

Metropolis Kraft Arrows SR812£0.30

Green Craving Dreamy Sassafraslass 10705

Green Craving Dreamy Sassafraslass 10705£0.20

Grafton Scrap Strip 3 SR964

Grafton Scrap Strip 3 SR964£0.25

Laurel Kraft Flower SR831

Laurel Kraft Flower SR831£0.20

Lynden Glenning Street SR980

Lynden Glenning Street SR980£0.25

Grafton Carr Street SR959

Grafton Carr Street SR959£0.25

Grafton Kennedy Street SR958

Grafton Kennedy Street SR958£0.25

Grafton Scrap Strip 2 SR963

Grafton Scrap Strip 2 SR963£0.25


Page 1 of 1:    19 Items